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24 March 2013 @ 07:28 pm
After deciding on a few dietary changes, went to Daiso to pick up some Japanese cooking items, Asian grocer to stock up on Japanese condiments on Friday. Enjoyed a well proportioned and tasty brunch at a tiny cafe in Carnegie called 'Spilt Milk' before heading off to Fuji Mart in Prahran to pick up some hard to get ingredients. Here's a snapshot of the week. Currently, justonecookbook.com is my new cooking reference.
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20 March 2013 @ 11:59 pm
Over modern & western dishes. Even cutting down carbs, portion size and exercising have done nothing to budge the weight. Time to go back to an Asian diet. Healthy eating without going overboard with the dieting and food restrictions.
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12 March 2013 @ 10:11 pm
We finally went and checked out South Melbourne market on Saturday and this little ivy plant caught my eye. Got it for $15.00 and hoping I can keep it alive. My terrariums aren't doing too well these days with the apartment remaining hot 'coz of the constant 35+ degree days.

22 February 2013 @ 10:28 am
I hate my work right now. Despise it so much, I'm feeling ready to quit. Freaking out. I just wish I'd get sick Monday next week with something that'll keep me in bed until next Friday so I can get a doctor's certificate. Throat infection pls come back!!!
26 January 2013 @ 10:04 am
Saw The Hobbit on Friday night in 3D with Gold Class tickets & I cannot wait for the next installments to come. It was pretty long again so make sure not to drink too much 'coz you don't want to miss a thing with th
Was great to see characters from LOTR, unexpectedly was shown a certain Hobbit, but you can work out it was done so it tied in with the first set of movies.
Cannot wait for it to come out so I can re-watch.
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19 January 2013 @ 11:46 pm
First time to the Australian Open (despite living in Melbourne) ... and it was awesome fun to watch! :)
Did the Day session on Saturday in Hisense Arena...started early to take the special AusOpen tram down to Melbourne Park. Saw the Kirilenko vs Wickmeyer then a more interesting match with Del Potro vs Chardy. With butts falling asleep, we decided to walk around and check out the outer courts. Watch the last bit of a doubles match which was really fast.
Weather was great and we had great seats that let us see the action and stay comfortably shaded from the sun.
Would love to go to another Australian Open again ^_^

15 January 2013 @ 07:43 pm
Addicted to eBay these past weeks but it sure has found me some great bargains, especially these sandals.
So comfy Clarks Orsino Disco Sandals in light tan. Retails for $149.95 AUD but got them for $20.50!!! (postage included). Description says they were used only for a photoshoot and they're exactly like new. Actually, are probably less used than the pairs you buy off departments stores that have been tried on more times than you thought.
It sure made my day after an afternoon wrecked by a stupid co-worker.
14 January 2013 @ 10:39 pm
I can count the number of times I made an entry on this LJ in 2012 on one hand.
Life sure has changed...

I think it's time to start posting online again, even just a bit.
Somewhat missing the blogging, plus it helps to have a record of a few things happening in life. I know for one I was really glad that I had made an entry about my wisdom teeth extraction back in 2009. I'd forgotten if I had gotten all my wisdom teeth out or it was just the massively impacted one, growing sideways into my other teeth. Fortunately, I had taken a photo and also written about it so, confirmed! - all were taken out.

Ahh! just for memory's sake... the jaw pain I was experiencing around November 2012 up to early December was not due to any complications with my wisdom teeth extraction. Appointment with my previous dental surgeon uncovered that I had unconsciously been grinding my teeth during sleep (...look up bruxism or similar).

Will try to post at least once a month. A great chance to "showcase" my little hobbies and interests or at least record what has been happening in ones life (which helps given my terrible memory).

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01 January 2012 @ 04:01 pm
Hello 2012! ^_^
Many unforgettable happenings and changes in 2011 which has led to my new life now.

No longer single, and haven't been since mid Apr 2011 - my significant other turned out to be the co-worker who was always never far from my mind since I started back in July 2008. Significant other and I have also both left the company within a week of each other and started new jobs, him with GE and myself with Victoria Police. Currently living as the 3rd housemate in their apartment since 1st week December, and both of us will be moving out to our own apartment by February.

Many big changes and decision in 2011. Looking forward to how these will shape my life in 2012 ^_^

Note to self: New Year's resolution - Learning German and continuing with Piano.
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07 November 2010 @ 02:31 pm
Been close to half a year since the last post in this lj.
Work has been a pain and unfortunately, will be again by the end of this month.

To summarize the past months...
In July, our Team Leader decided to take on a new role in our department leaving only two of us in the team. Already way under-resourced, we both shared the duties of our old Team Leader and tried to survive until the promised new team member moved into our team (majority of the team leader duties were left for me to pick-up however 'coz I was the unofficial go to when our team leader was unavailable).
Then manager delayed the new team member's transition for half a month. When she did come, "Yay! Finally new team member!".....was the thought. But after three weeks with the new member (who already knew part of our work since she was from the team who assisted with our calls) we'd almost preffered that it was just us two again. How this new member graduated from uni... is an absolute mystery. In the words of her old team leader "She has the memory of a goldfish. I'm glad to be rid of her" and from one of our colleagues who was preiously in our role: "she's had the most training and support given compared to all the people who were in the role and still she struggles with the most basic?!"

For two and a half month's I stayed in the role+team leader duties until one day one of our colleagues in the Operations team (Ops team) turned in her resignation. Three weeks before her last day, our manager asked me if I was still interested in joining the Ops team and of course I said yes. I'd been wishing to move into a role in our Ops team for over a year by then. Beginning end of August, I was juggling my role+ team leader duties + rushed training for the new role.

Mid September our colleague left and on 17th Sept, I stepped into the new role.
Supposedly I'd received a promotion. The working word is *supposedly* considering the increase in my salary doesn't exactly reflect the whole "your new role is of a higher position with more challenges". Not even going into detail about it as there's no point considering I was so desperate to move out of my old role and into this new one, I didn't have much leaverage for salary negotiations.

Beginning of October, the stress of the past months together with my 50-hour week at work to accomodate my first shot at my new position's "Monthly Reporting" task, finally caught up with me through increasing appetite loss, nausea, insomnia and rapid weight loss. Saw my GP, confirmed that I've worked too much and was also Vitamin D deficient - GP told me to eat lost of fruits and go out. Alright, time for break... no annual leave yet, but I took GP's advice and headed out for some drinks with colleagues - Recovery :)

I've settled into my new role and I like it. The skills that I can develop from this position is more marketable, not to mention it's more suited to my personality and interests - more technical and more client and management facing. Of course now, I experience the whole "Start of the Month" stress with reporting but so far so good and by early October we got a new Team Leader managing both my new team and old one.

But good things come to an end. My collegue in the new team has just handed in her resignation start of this month. Our team leader is new and although she's great... she's not quite hands on - i.e. she can't cover for any of us if we're away. No ad has been sent out for my colleague's position yet, and I can already tell that management is expecting that I'll be looking after her tasks + my work. She has 2 years worth of knowledge and training to pass and I've yet to get exposure to more projects and testing - which is her role's focus.
Again the company is expecting me to perform some miracle.

Can't escape it, but at least I have a team leader who's reasonable and will back me up. Also, I'll put into practice the advice from a senior colleague of mine who said: it's all about managing expectations and communicating to management in black and white terms: "There's only one choice - it's either this goes or that goes - which will it be?"

Oh well, a year or so more in this company, just to get the experience, and maybe I'll follow the mass exodus that my old colleagues began this year.
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